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Firma Rent-a-Berky

Our mission

“We develop solutions of superior quality and high value that improve the lives of all water- and landscape maintenance worldwide.”

That is the claim of the Anton Berkenheger Group and its employees. We are here to create solutions for our customers and with our customers.

Our Company Group

Anton Berkenheger Group is a company group, which produces special machines for water maintenance.

To offer the best solutions for our customers, various companies joined under the roof of the group in order to realize a wide range of various special features for the machines.

The brand Berky offers different mowers, such as the multifunctional support vehicle Berky Trac, the Berky slope mower or other mowing boats and weed harvester for clearing of weeds.

The brand Rent-a-Berky offers the opportunity to rent machines of Berky and Senwatec to trap tips in high seasons. The rental pool also allow smaller clubs to use the machine without buying. Similarly, Rent-a-Berky gives you the opportunity to purchase machines from Berky and Senwatec by various financing options.

However, Senwatec produce multifunctional dredging and dredger, which called dredger. The latest development is the Trex-Duke. This machine is applicable to water and land for dredging and even mowing.

Together, the companies of Anton Berkenheger Group offers customer a unique range of solutions in the market. Convince yourself of our quality and our service ideas!