History of the Senwatec Company

In the spring of 2010, a father, Heinz Schröer (in the middle), together with his sons, Rainer (on the right) and Ralf (on the left) established SENWATEC, a producer of multifunctional and amphibious dredges. Together they combined decades of experience in the development and production of machinery for water maintenance.

The goal was – and is still today- to develop innovative and technical special machines in suction dredge- and accordingly in the dredge-sector.

In 2011, the first machines were developed, produced and delivered. These high-quality machines are designed to perform a multitude of tasks in the water and some can even work on land. With machines such as the Trex-Duke and the Dredge-King, the SENWATEC brand can perform any task from dredging and waterway maintenance to cleaning shorelines and even mowing.

The years from 2012 to 2014 marked by sustainable profitable growth with particular focus on the export of machines to market innovative concepts in the industrial sector of suction dredger and amphibious dredger worldwide. At the beginning of 2015, already 20 employees including subcontractors are working in the company of Senwatec.

At the end of 2015, the Anton Berkenheger Group and the Senwatec Company made a merger agreement. Since then, the Senwatec Company has become a subsidiary company of Berky. Because this integration, our individual companies can offer solutions for the entire industrial sector of water maintenance, providing a more synergistic solution for our customers.

In May of 2016 the Managing Directors of Anton Berkenheger Group met with Henning Clasen, the CEO of HENNING MARINE to discuss a future partnership. In August of 2016 BERKY USA, LLC was founded to provide the U.S., as well as the rest of North America more direct sales representation and service to these markets. By representing BERKY, SENWATEC, and HENNING MARINE, BERKY USA, LLC is ready to offer a wide variety of equipment from boom mowers and mowing boats to amphibious dredges and aquatic weed harvesters. With nearly a century of combined experience in a wide variety of fields BERKY USA, LLC can offer the best solutions to all of your water maintenance problems!