Senwatec Solutions

The dredgers from the company Senwatec are characterize by the use of high efficient and innovate technology approaches. Despite the young age of the company, this is a result of years of experiences in the sector of special machines in the water maintenance.

The requirements for solutions of the dredge-sector are varied and completely different in many ways. Our claim is to develop the optimal solutions in terms of application and cost analysis for our customers.

In order to illustrate the innovative approach of our product line, we have developed an animation video of the capabilities of our Dredge-King, which we would like to present at this point.

The capabilities of the Dredge-King, which you can see in the video, originated through the years of development work and incorporate into other machines in different sizes because our customer need small and flexible dredgers, which despite its mass at remote sites without additional equipment (e.g. crane applications) can be used.